Risk of Death


Survive the attacks of dark creatures for as long as you can


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Risk of Death is an two-dimensional action-based platform game where you'll have to use spells to fend off waves and waves of enemies.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose between three different types of wizards: fire, water, or dark. Each comes with four different spells that will allow you to, for example, throw fireballs and meteors, or icy tornados - all depending on who you choose, naturally.

Each time you kill an enemy you'll get precious stones, which you can later use to buy items in the magic tower. There, you can buy upgrades that will make your wizard more powerful, so that the last waves of dark enemies will be a breeze to destroy.

Visually, Risk of Death uses an 8 bit aesthetic that fits perfectly with this simple, direct, casual game. A typical game shouldn't last more than five minutes.

Risk of Death is a fun, addicting arcade game that gives you various wizards and levels of difficulty to choose from, so there is always a new way to confront the numerous dangers that you will face in each level.
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